The Participants!
  1. Ken from Ken-Inatractor
  2. Kianwi from simply she goes
  3. Jules from My Mom's a Whack Job!
  4. Melanie from sporkin' on down the road
  5. Pickleope from Pickleope
  6. Rachel from When a Lion
  7. Christie from Outlaw Mama
  8. Carrie from The Slow-Dripped Life
  9. Michelle Longo from The Journey
  10. Elsie from Mock Turtle's Musings
  11. Elsie's Hubby :)
  12. Vapid Vixen from A Vapid Vixen
  13. Annika from Life as I know it

Maybes, or we weren't sure. :)

  1. Tracey from Crack You Whip
  2. Youngman Brown from Good Youngman Brown
  3. Larks at Maybe I Should Blog
  4. Stacie at Snaps and Bits
  5. Marianne from We Band of Mothers
  6. Samantha Brinn Merel from This Heart of Mine
  7. Queen Holly the Magnificent from A Holly With Follies
  8. Penelope Kay~Living Today from Penelope Kay

Cheering Squad

Yep, a cheering squad! If you can't, or don't want to run, join us by tweeting the runners that day to encourage them!
  1. Damon from The Six-Fingered Monkey