Thursday, February 06, 2020

#209. or, Hang Loose and Pass the Pineapple (yet another poem)

I have returned from my tropical winter vacation!

What's that?  You did't even know I was gone? That was my fault. I'm sorta trying to be on the down-low, social media wise these days. And, while I did take a lot of photos, they're still all on my phone instead of on Facebook and Instagram.  Because truthfully, I didn't want to miss my holiday as I was scrolling. Also, I was kinda hoping to be home before anyone really noticed I was gone.

Which I believe is totally doable cause I don't cast a very broad shadow. Except the middle of me. There's way more shadow there than I'm happy with. 

But. That's a different story and not pertinent to this tale.  

Anyways. I'm back and because I'm always trying to better myself, and am currently endeavoring to master lame poetry, here is one about my vacation. 

Take it as you will:

I needed a vacation, someplace warm and tropical.
With oceans and beaches and landscapes botanical.

Visit Hawaii, I'd often been told.
The perfect escape from the Canadian cold.

So I ditched my wool socks, my boots and my parka.
Embraced the land of pineapple, hang loose and the shaka.

I packed my suitcase and some lotion to tan,
off to flex my pale toes in the warm island sand.

I saw beaches and volcanoes, spent a week on a ship.
Saw four different islands on this epic trip.

Waterfalls and whales, there was so much to see,
but in the rough water, my stomach betrayed me. 

Still, a perfect vacation in almost every way.
Aside from the fact that I just couldn't stay. 

But there was one issue and it drove me insane.
It's that the American money all looked the same.

PS. I believe I may have corrected the issue that I had with not being able to comment or reply on my own blog. So if you leave a comment, there's a good chance I'll talk back to you. 

Unless I didn't fix it. Then I won't. 

Until i fix it again. 

Cause blogging is hard.