Wednesday, June 27, 2012

#97. or, I have this tractor to give away

A couple posts back ( i had really intended it to be more.) I posed the challenge to ask me some questions until the day that i arrived at 10 000 views. When I got to 10 000 views, I would put all the names, from all those who commented and asked questions, into a draw to win a tractor. This tractor!

 Today, i hit that milestone, put all the names into the draw and selected the winner. The name of the person selected is...........oh wait, i have a couple other things to take care of first!

  More awards! For some unknown reason, people keep passing awards onto me. The thing about awards is that they come with duties to take care of in order to claim them. I really should take care of that first.

  The first one is from my dear friend Pish Posh. (who i always seem to be gushing about) From her, I received this. You can read about that here.

  I can't say enough about Pish Posh. She is one of the best friends that anyone could have in the blog world as well as out there, where the real stuff happens. She is so supportive of other bloggers and I've made so many connections through her that I am quite certain I'd still be way back at around  1000 views if I hadn't gotten to know her. Thank you Pish, you've become a wonderful friend.

  The rules for this award are to list 7 random facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 other bloggers.


  1.  I'm only 5 foot 8 inches tall. I wish i was taller.
  2.  Of all the questions asked, there is only one left unanswered. It's from Josie 2 Shoes and it has me stumped. I'm still working on it. Sorry Josie, I haven't forgotten about you.
  3. I may be addicted to my new phone?
  4. Sometimes I wish I had an anonymous blog so I could vent about some things I can't......because I'm not.
  5.  I've entered the DudeWrite competition twice now, and reading the stuff some of those guys write, I may be way out of my league in that thing.
  6.  I'm probably going to try again next week.
  7.  My "suit of awesome" isn't actually as awesome as it makes me feel awesome when I'm wearing it.

 I will do the passing on of awards later in this post.

  Do you know what this is?

  It's the box that I put all the names into so I could make the draw! Also, I probably should have dusted it off before I took that picture. I'll get back to that later.

  The other award that I've received is from Becky at Just Passing Through. . I've only recently  become aquainted with her but have quickly found myself looking forward to her posts. Thanks so much Becky!
She has seen fit to give me this:

 The rules regarding this are as follows:
  1. Post the rules up on your blog.
  2. Name 5 of your most fabulous moments. (either in real life or the blogosphere.)
  3. Name 5 things you love.
  4.  Name 5 things you hate.
  5. Pass the ribbon on to 5 other bloggers.
As the rules are up, on to #2:
5 MOST FABULOUS MOMENTS. (these will be regarding this blog.)
   1. Hitting 10 000 blog views.
   2. Hitting publish on post #1.
   3. EVERY TIME someone new follows me.
   4. Getting my first comment on a post.
   5. Realizing that this isn't just me telling stories but it's a community that looks out and supports each other.
5 THINGS I LOVE. (in no particular order, other that #1.)
   1. My wife and kids.
   2. Friendships.
   3. Cigars.
   4. Tractors.
   5. Date nights.
   1. Half assing a job.
   2. People who drive like idiots.
   3. Hitting the city at rush hour.
   4. Having to charge my phone half way through the day.
   5. When Blogger gives me grief and I have so much trouble opening things and posting.

And who shall I pass these awards on to? Ten deserving choices for The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.

  1. Lady in Red at A Bozo's Abbozzo
  2.  Becky at Just Passing Through
  3. Holly at A holly With Follies
  4. Carrie at Hammock in the Honeysuckle
  5. Robin at Thoughts and Reflection
  6.  Red at Doesn't Speak Klingon
  7.  Brett at The Transformed Non-Conformist
  8. Heather at Stretching My Wings
  9. Squirrel at The Squirrel and His Nuts
  10. Kianwi at  Simply She Goes

The five for The Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award.

  1. Josie at Two Shoes in Texas
  2.  Dan at  WorkingDan
  3.  Reanna at Rock The Single Life
  4.  Pish Posh at Pish Posh
  5. Joelle at J is For Joelle

 OK, that's a lot of  passing on of awards. I know some of you don't participate in these things. I'm not expecting you to go out of your way to do this. I just want to recognize some of the friends that I've made here. If your aren't on the list, please don't be offended. Some of you I'm just getting to know, Some of you I just didn't have room for. It's not an exaggeration to say that a month ago, i couldn't have tagged so many friends. I thank you all for supporting me.

 Now, there's only one final piece of business to take care of. I need to give away a tractor. Thank You all again for all the wonderful questions and comments. I wasn't really sure if this would even work but i think it did. Hopefully, it helped you to get to know me a little bit better. I know it inspired a few posts for me to write in the future. I hope that you continue to stick around. So, without any further blathering on my part. The winner of the tractor is:

Carrie at Hammock in the Honeysuckle

   It appears that my friend Carrie is going to be doubly awarded this post as I also tagged her for the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. Thanks so much to EVERYONE for playing along. I am going to have to try come up with something for 20 000!  :)

 One more thing, you get this video because it made me smile. I hope it does you as well.


  1. Thank you kindly for another award Ken! Congrats to Carrie for winning that fabulous tractor!

    1. You are so very welcome Becky. Glad that we were able get to know each other a little bit.

  2. Thank you!!! I love the sweet award :) That's just brilliant! I have a few other awards that I've been collecting and need to post about - so I'll add this one to the group and hopefully blog about them soon.

    I wasn't able to watch the video - but I think it's a problem on my end. I was trying to watch a show early and had the same problem... hmmmm.... not good!

    Oh, and I thought that was very cute of you, and also quite a tease, to drag out the prize giving for so long lol... I was tempted to scroll down to the bottom just to see who won - but then decided to play fair so didn't ;-)

    1. All the time i was thinking to myself, how many people are just going to jump to the bottom? Glad you played along. :)

      I find videos are usually hit and miss here too. I don't usually post them for that reason. If you're interested in it, It's, I'm Farming and I Grow it! on youtube.

      I'm so happy to pass this on to you. You are certainly another reason for my increase in followers. I wanted to say how much of a friend that you've become but the post was just getting so long, i didn't want to start talking about everyone i tagged. You are certainly welcome for the award. It was my pleasure! :)

  3. I think for a tractor guy, you write incredibly well, so you are certainly not out of any league. I am a bit envious of the Dude Write club. Not wishing I am a dude though. I don't like to work hard or wear steel toe boots.

    Yes, Pish is amazing! What a great blogging pal she is!

    1. I have dude flip flops, so whatever works i guess.....or, maybe that means i can't be a dude? I'm not sure?

      I think the Dude Write club is going to challenge me to write better. It makes me smile that you think i have a place there. Thanks! :)

  4. NO WAY!!!!!!!!

    Really?!?! I won the tractor? I seriously just yelled, "NO WAY!!!' out loud in my living room!!!

    I'm so excited and THANK YOU! How fun!

    Thank for the Sweet Blog award as well, and I will get on that award post soon. Your encouragement keeps me going in this blog world!

    Really?! I won?

    You don't understand - I don't win things. I'd be broke and homeless if I gambled or played the lottery. It's that serious.

    I am beyond excited!! I'd like to try to do the question/give away thing too, but not sure what I'd give away besides a hammock.....heeeeeeeeey......maybe I will! :)

    Thank you, Kimosabe. Have I said that yet? You're awesome.

    1. By the way - I too, have wanted an anonymous blog to write some of the things I feel I can't on my current blog. I know what you mean.

    2. Yes Yes Yes! You Won, You ARE a WINNER!!

      You are certainly quite welcome. I am so glad that you are happy about this. :)

    3. Thanks again! I am going to email you my address. It will be a strange email with 'ernie' in it so you won't think it's some weirdo sending you spam. Or maybe it IS a weirdo because I AM one!!! :)

      Thanks again!

  5. Oh and I just snagged the photo of the tractor and the pic of my name on a slip of paper for when I post about it - hope that's okay!

  6. Your popularity is growing, my friend. And don't feel out of place at dude Write. You write well and can keep a reader engaged. I like reading this blog, I'm sure others do too! Such a wide variety at Dude write, no one is out of their league there....unless you are a woman. You aren't a woman are you? lol

    Congrats on all the awards...and to the winner of the tractor. I really wanted that tractor for my kids...and to say I actually won something!

    And thank you for giving me yet another award! Someday you will see me acknowledge these awards on my high style at that!

    1. You are welcome on the award, I know you deal with these things in your own way, I just wanted to say thanks for letting me be a part of your blogging family.

      The worst part about giving away the tractor was not being able to give one to everybody. That made me sad. I might do this again randomly some time just to share the love.

      I'm pretty sure i'm a guy, let me check again........yup, man parts! 100% Dude!

    2. I came back to watch that video because I was at work earlier and share an office with my boss.

      That was awesome! I loved it! "All the hungry cows are staring at me...I'm farming and I grow it!" lol

    3. I'm glad that you did Dan. Actually, you are the first person that came to mind when i saw the guy eating the steak. Imagine that! :)

    4. What can I say? I'm a carnivore!

  7. What in the world? I had to read that list twice, because I couldn't believe I was on it. Thank you sooo much! That's my very first award!

    I can't believe you think you don't measure up to the other men at Dude Write. One thing I love about your blog is that you are so clearly a man's man, but yet I, as a bit of a girly girl, can still relate to and enjoy your posts.

    Thanks again!

    1. I am so very pleased to be your first.......award presenter. I am certain many more will come your way.

      Thanks so much Kianwi, it makes me happy that so many can relate to what i say here. Even if the perspective is from a guy in a tractor. :)

  8. Kianwi's right - you have your own style that measures up to all the others. There are enough bloggers who try and be deep and over-arching with their posts because they don't have enough personality to just talk about themselves. You're better than that, because you managed to hit 10 000 views by just talking about your own unique little pocket of existence.

    Also, that video was one of the funniest things ever.

    1. Glad that you enjoyed the video.

      I always just wanted to talk about the things that are going on with me. I never dreamed so many would find that interesting. It still amazes me.

      Thank you so much!

  9. This was delightfully fun! I think we all totally enjoyed your answers to our questions! Don't worry about the hero question, if the right answer ever comes to you, you'll can share it then. This was another one of your great posts... prolonging the winning announcement, you have a good deal of writing talent and I totally disaagree that you are out of your leage at Dude Write. Keep entering... we'll keep voting! :-) Carrie is a very deserving winner of the little tractor, that made me smile! I smiled even more when I saw you awarded me The Fabulous Blog Ribbon... that one looks like fun and I'll happily accept! Keep on blogging, you'll each 20,000 views in no time! Ken-Inatractor is a wonderful addition to the blogsphere!

    1. I think if i can decide on the answer for your question, it may be worthy of a post of it's own. It's a big question.

      As long as i have the time to write something, I'll most likely keep submitting to the Dude Write challenge. If for nothing more than to just hang out with the other Dudes from time to time.

      I am glad you enjoyed the tractor, question and answer contest. I had so much fun with this. I'm looking forward to 20 000 to do it all again. :)

  10. Thank you. I haven't gotten this one. I am still trying to decide how I feel about a man calling me sweet, but I know you mean well, so I won't overthink it.

    Congrats on your awards.

    1. I think it's alright, I took off my kitten slippers before i added your link.

      Thanks so much.

  11. Thank you so much for the kind words and beautiful award! I just set you up on bloggy dates. Your popularity is because you're wonderful! All you man!

    Also let me tell you about that hilarious video...

    1. Thank you so much Pish.....for everything.

      happy the video made you smile. :)

  12. Thank you so much for the award! Almost gave me another heart attack, but the good kind, like when your heart swells up with love and pride and gratitude. I think you are such a sweet, thoughtful guy.
    By the way, the video...just awesome. Now I will be singing those words all the damn day. Question, so when may we expect your video? I'd love to see you in the fields rocking your flip flops,
    Anyway, thanks again, sure know how to help a gal to a speedy recovery.

    1. I am so happy that you are on the road to recovery. If this was in any small part, something that made you feel a little better, then that makes me happy. I've been worried about you.

      About the video, i'm glad you liked it, as for a video with me in it? Yikes! I'm not so sure? :)

  13. thanks Ken. getting awards makes it all worthwhile, right? I have been having internet issues...not sure what gets posted and what doesn't anymore. You just never know. But I'm working on my award acceptance post. thanks again...

    1. You are so welcome. Yes, it makes me feel like someone out there other than my family is paying attention.
      I've been having a lot of issues with blogger as well. Some days i just have to walk away.

  14. Wow Ken! Thank-you so much! And congrats on your growing popularity. It is well-deserved!

    1. You're welcome Reanna.

      Also, thanks so much for you're kind words. :)

  15. Thanks for the award! I've never seen that one before. ...and I never meant for my blog to be sweet. (I must be losing my nerdy touch.) I have a feeling my blog turned "sweet" when I met Brett! I can't help that.

    And I must join the masses of saying that yours is a blog that I always find well-written and I'm sure you can hold your own over at Dude Write!

  16. Ken,

    Thank you so much for the award! Totally sweet!! I adore it just like I adore you and your blog. And it is no wonder you keep getting awards!

    You are the bomb, sir!