Thursday, April 05, 2012

#68. or, snow-pocalypse

  It's snowing again. By the time this one is done, they say that we are going to have around 25 cm. (if you're metric-ly challenged, that's 10 inches.) Spring storms are a little disheartening. Mother Nature teases us by letting things begin to dry up, then WHAM!, we get hit by another blast of winter.

  It's not like we didn't know that this was coming. News of the impending snow-pocalypse has been the topic of conversation here for the last couple of days. They've been talking about it on the radio non-stop. Tuesday was a pretty awesome day. I spent it working outside. Wednesday was the same, except with more foreboding, and sense doom on the way. I had to run to town to pick up a few things for our make-shift barn we have to use this year. Everyone that i bumped into, and asked how their day was, said the same thing. "oh, it's nice today, but just wait until tomorrow!" So, i went to bed, and our yard was just about dried off. I woke up to about 6 inches of snow this morning. Light fluffy snow. The type you like to see on Christmas Eve. (except maybe not the quantity.) Plus, we also get a nice brisk wind  to go with it. Drifts! that's just dandy.

  That being said, Yahoo says there's been more earthquakes in Mexico this past week. I've never experienced an earthquake. That's got to be a pretty intense thing to have the Earth shake your fricken house to pieces around you?  Also, this past week, there's been some terrible tornado's in the Southern United States. The videos that i saw, showed tractor/trailer vans being hurled 100's of feet into the air like they were kids toys. The devastation was terrible, yet, people continue to call those places home.

  So, this morning, i'll put on my boots, get into my tractor, and dig my way out to feed the cows. I probably won't lose any equipment buy having it blown away in the wind. I won't have to rebuild a home because it was shaken to pieces. By next week, the snow will be gone again, and things will be back to normal. Easy come easy go?

   ............the worst part of this is that the bedding packs where i've been spreading straw all winter are turning into mush, with all this moisture, that threaten to suck my tractor out from under me. That, and baby calves don't do so well either. I'm hoping the cows keep their backsides clamped for a couple days.  

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