Monday, April 02, 2012

#66. or, the difference of a day

  Friday morning i was in a pretty good mood. Thursday afternoon, just before 5:00, i sold most of the balance of the canola that i had for a pretty good price.  I had been painfully patient this year, selling off what we had produced in smaller volumes. I almost bailed and dumped everything a couple months back when it looked like the prices were heading into the toilet. The prices since that time have been slowly climbing back to a reasonable position. Thursday, after a bit of a dip the previous day, they jumped back up. I decided it was time to sell, i thought it was as high as it would go. Friday morning, i checked the price, 10 cent drop! I WAS A FRICKEN GENIUS!! Will of steel! Riding out the lows, following the markets, finally selling just before the prices drop........Friday afternoon, when the markets closed, they were 25 cents higher that what i had sold for. No more fricken genius, just average ken.

  Saturday, was a gloriously awesome day. The sun shone, the show melted, water ran, and the yard dried off some. I took, my son to the Farm & Ranch show in the city. It was so nice, we debated on leaving our jackets in the truck before we went to the show. We wore shoes, and i didn't have to grab him by the arm to steer him clear of any water holes. In the evening, we BBQ'd on the deck. I wore sandals. (socks as well, but no one saw so i don't think that counts?) Truly, a fine spring day. Sunday, i woke up to 4-6 inches of snow that fell overnight. What the hell!!  The fields, which just the day before, were a wonderfully optimistic shade of brown, with the promise of green to follow, are now blanketed in white again. 

  Sunday, aside from the snow, wasn't so bad of a day. My wife, who works in an accountants office, has been working Saturdays for the last few weeks. It's tax season and their office is open extra hours to accommodate the people who need to file their taxes after hours. I miss having her home the extra time and try to spend Sunday hanging out with her. Sometimes, i think she might actually like to just be by herself to recharge, but i do my manly part by finding her and trying to get my hand in her shirt. I'm pretty sure she really appreciates that. Anyways, we were watching a movie, and i decided to try my hand at making martinis. I've been wanting to do this for some time now. I finally got all the tools and booze gathered up and whipped up some darned tasty, Key Lime Martinis. Three hours later we were blown up like balloons with gas because, of course, we don't fart in front of each other. (well, i do, but i'm trying to pass myself off as a cool fellow so i'm not going to tell you about that.)

  ...................i'm pretty sure it was the martinis? That's rather disappointing. I had envisioned myself looking rather James Bondy sipping my martini. James bond is going to be a lot less awesome, if now i am going to imagine him stopping mid-save-the-world, to have someone pull his finger.

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