Sunday, February 03, 2013

#141. or, Damn you Jon Bon Jovi, and the KK5K update

  So, there are things in life that I have a fondness for, things like:

  Potato chips.
  A glass of scotch with a cigar.
  Popcorn with a ton of butter.
  Spicy Caesars.
  Nachos with cheese.
  Peanut butter cookies.
  ....and beer.

 (there's plenty of other things too, but for the sake of this post, just roll with me on these.)

There's also things that I dislike, things like:

  Having to take a knee to tie my shoe laces.
  Grey hair.
  Living in a family with a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer.
  That some days I look older than I feel, yet other days, I feel older than I look.
  That on the verge of 45, I don't come anywhere close to resembling that picture of Jon Bon Jovi, at 50, wrapped in a sheet, that's making rounds on the internet and has all the women drooling.

DAMN YOU! Jon Bon Jovi

  And also that all of the things on the top list, contribute to all of the things on the bottom list. Yet, I'm not really prepared to give up all of those top list things to be healthy. I try find a happy balance somewhere between the two. Because as much as I want to reverse the things on the bottom list, I want to enjoy myself and life as much as I can. And the top list things, tend to make me happy.

    But there's still Jon Bon Jovi......... I try to stretch and run a bit, and be somewhat healthy. That's what led me to form a bloggy partnership with Kianwi, to do our virtual 5K.


 In the beginning of December, Kianwi an I announced our KK5K marathon. The virtual marathon that everyone could participate in, no matter what corner of the globe that you call home, in whatever way you can manage to complete the distance. All together, sometime on March 2nd. That gave us 3 full months to train and mold our bodies into phenomenal machines and rock this bitch!

  And then, over the last two months, I've only managed to go to the track about 6 times. Tops. At this point, I'm still leaning more toward marshmallow, than I am machine. But I still have February to prepare,  and my plan is still to run the entire 5K. I think I'm improving, even with my meager efforts. When I run now, thoughts of trying to find a guy's version of a sports bra to keep my man-boobs from bouncing about, only cross my mind occasionally. I've also noticed that my back fat doesn't jar up and down with near the ferocity it did, when I do the stairs at the arena, as it did when I started.  And as hard as I try to not have my feet make that embarrassing flapping sound on the concrete track, with every footfall, I've discovered that when I turn up my music, I can make that go away. So there is that.

  So whether you can barely move, or are highly motivated, the KK5K is the place for you. It's for everyone really. You can run, walk, bike, push a stroller, or do whatever it takes to cover the 5K. We'd love to have you along.

  If you haven't heard of this before, or need to get a bit of a refresher, to get up to speed, there's tabs on the top of  Kianwi's and my pages that will take you to everything that you need to know about our marathon. Also, if you follow THIS LINK, you'll get to her companion post updating her journey to the 5K. (plus she talks a bit about boobs, so that's kind of cool too!)

If you would like to join in, let either of us know in a comment, and well add you to our pages.



  1. Whoa, I had not seen that picture of Jon Bon Jovi. Thank you so very much :)

    This post cracked me up! I loved your mentions of your man boobs and back fat. Hahahaha! But glad they are giving you less trouble :)

    We can do this! Let's shrink these boobs! :)

    1. YES! Let's shrink those boobs! :)

      I'm going to try to get into town on a regular schedule of some type over the month. I pretty confident I'm going to be able to run the whole thing even though I haven't done the entire thing at a run yet.

  2. I do the same thing with turning up the music when my jeep starts making questionable noises. Cuts way down on the mechanic bills...for now.

    I've been back at the gym for a few weeks now. And as long as jawlking is an accepted mode of movement, (walking but I try to count it as jogging) I'm all in!

    1. Do all the jawlking that you want! We don't judge here. Happy to have you along! :)

      I'm afraid that I'm not the most graceful of runners, and I know that I'm not doing the "proper" thing with my feet. They shouldn't make a slapping sound with every step, but really if I turn up the music, and can't hear it, it bothers me way less. :)

  3. Hey hey friend!

    So good to see a post, and to be reminded of this 5k challenge! Don't worry - I haven't done much since December either to prepare. I've probably exercised roughly a dozen times since then, and not rigorously. Whatever - I shall press on!

    I already have my route mapped out, as it is the same route as a local 5k that usually happens in Oct. A few years ago I ran in it, and won first place in my age division (never mind there were only about 3 of us total in the upper 30s (at the time)). My prize? A piece of pottery made by a local that looked suspiciously like an ash tray...and I got the largest one for first. Let the irony of that sink in a minute. Yeah, I'm thinking the dude made a bunch of ash trays when smoking was more socially acceptable and had a room full to get rid of, so he thought, 'Prizes for the Apple Run! Yes!' I display that sucker with pride.

    Cracked me up about the jiggling body parts - oh my WORD, what is UP with that when you hit 40+??? Gah. Back a couple of years ago when some hormonal shifting caused a slight weight gain targeted in the hip/butt area happened, when I ran, I kept turning around going, 'Who's back there? Who's following me?' Turns out it was only my junk in my trunk attempting to keep up with me...Ugh.

    We can do this!!! :)

    1. Hello, my friend!

      How exciting that you already have a course laid out that you've been able to run on before and to have been so successful on! (even if you're prize was an ashtray. Might be handy for the occasional cigar?)

      I have plenty of jiggling body parts. I don't expect to ever look all chiseled and hard. But that's alright. I know how much effort and time (along with photo shop) goes into looking like that. I just want to be comfortable in the fact that I feel good about how I look. But occasionally, I can be my own worst enemy and wish I was better. Maybe that's not such a bad thing. It gets me off the couch when it starts getting a little too comfortable to be there. :)

      I'm excited to do this, and am looking forward to it!

  4. I really want to do this, and had originally joined up, but do not have access to an indoor track and I am NOT willing going outside in this cold to do it. I will have to start up in the spring when it there is less danger of losing body parts when you go out.

    In the meantime, I will be rejoining my gym when I get my tax return so I will be getting ready for it.

    1. I can understand that Brett.

      If I couldn't go to the track above the hockey rink in town, I don't think that I'd be doing it either.

  5. Aside from the fact that I am sorely out of shape, I have a stupid bum ankle that will, without any warning, pop and refuse to work. So I wish you luck on the 5k. Now granted if it was a leisurely stroll or a bike ride, I'd be almost for it (did I mention the out of shape bit?).

    As to Bon Jovi. Well, yeah he's hot. BUT I image anyone could be that hot with a personal trainer, nutritionist and expert photoshop people following you around everyday.

    1. Hi Heather,

      A leisurely stroll or a bike ride would do just fine. Think about it. :)

      .....and millions of dollars to pay all of these people! I'm pretty sure the picture's doctored.

  6. The virtual 5K sounds like a great idea... but maybe not QUITE virtual enough for my lazy tastes...

    Good luck with your training!

    1. Thanks, we think it's a pretty cool idea too.

      The truth is, I'm pretty lazy too. We'll see how it goes.

  7. I'm no expert, but here's a few tips that might help.

    1) Convince yourself that you have traveled back in time to the first time that you saw your wife. Imagine that you have to get into shape in order to woo her. Translate that feeling to your current life, and imagine your new healthy lifestyle and physique as something that you are doing for her. Make it an effort that is something more than just getting you back to looking like a stud -- but instead, something that you'll do to tack on an extra few years to be with her.

    2) Put a mirror in front of you while you run on the treadmill. I know that you run on a track, but maybe consider finding a gym/treadmill... just for the first few weeks, while you get into it. I know it sounds like I am a sociopath, but I think that looking at yourself in the mirror while you work out/run is extremely important, especially when you can see the hints of progress from a leaner face/body and growing muscles.

    3) Hold yourself accountable. This is the number one thing, and something that I am THE WORST at. The LAST thing I want to do is spend an hour at the gym after work, and it takes SOOOOO much self-convincing to actually go. Don't dilly-dally. If you know you are supposed to run or work out, just do it. Just put your shoes on and go. As soon as you get the thought "I should run today" in your head.... GO RUN. Just do it and get it over with and don't think any more about it. Just put those stupid running shoes on and head to the track... don't make bargains with yourself or say "I'll do it tomorrow."

    Just go. And feel awesome about it afterwards.

    1. Those are pretty good tips! I think you may be an expert!

      1. As much as I like to look as good as possible when I go to the beach with my shirt off in the summer, and maybe turn a head or two, the thing that would please me the most is too be the decent looking guy with my smokin hot wife. That would make me happy.

      2. I can try the mirror at home when I do stretches in the bedroom. I'll try to pay more attention.

      3. Because it's so cold and snowy here, I try to fit my running into trips that I have to make to town. It's about a half an hour away, so some days it's hard enough to work up the initiative, but harder yet to decide if the hours worth of travel is worth it. I should look into a treadmill, but I dislike the thought of running and not going anywhere. I might have to work my mind around that.

      Thanks for the awesome tips!

  8. I bet you could look as good as Jon Bon Jovi if you had Photoshop team without even exercising! It's like magic. I have gained weight this winter, becasue outside is uninhabitable. I'm not too worried though, I always loose the weight when spring and summer hit.

    1. Hi Holly,

      It sounds like you could work rings around me with all of the manual labour that you do. But spring and summer are the time I don't generally work out because that's when I'm the busiest as well.

  9. The KK5K sounds totally awesome, but I just walked maybe 4 or 5 blocks to the post office -- which was closed -- and my knees are now bothering me. From walking!

    Bon Jovi -- pfft.

    1. Hi Bee,

      You know, you could ride a bike if that would be easier for you? Whatever works? :)

  10. Go YOU! That's fantastic! I just agreed to do a 40 mile bike marathon through NYC in May. It might kill me, but I gonna try. You know...cause there's that damn Heidi Klum runnin' around half naked all the time. You'll kick ass!

    And I'm sorry, but...DAMN! Thanks for the Bon Jovi photo. Don't like his music, but he's not too hard on the retinas.

    Hey - I started a blog hop so if you want, stop on by and link up! It's up all week and it's every Monday!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes just committing to trying is all a person needs to start the ball rolling. Good luck on the bike ride, 40 miles sounds pretty daunting! Right through and around town? My town has only about 4000 people and sometimes that's too much for me! My hat is off to you!

      I have a lot of female followers, I thought some eye candy might make a few of them happy. (and maybe snag a few extra readers) :)

      I'll stop by to see what the blog hop is all about.

    2. 40 miles is crazy! Just in case, you'd better keep your hat on for now. lol I started "training" (aka...getting off my ass and actually doing something for a change) and did 6 1/2 miles the other day. My friend who will be doing this with me assures me that it'll be no big deal. We'll see! Good luck on the 5K! You'll rock it!

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