Monday, December 19, 2011


 OK, first blog. I'm a noob. Or that might be nube? Either way, i'm new to this. I've got some stuff in my head, that needs to get out so here i am. Firstly, i don't spell all that well. I'm rather phonetic, which has a certain charm i think? Especially if you don't spell well. Otherwise, maybe it just makes you look inept. I'm going with charming. Secondly, i like comas, i think maybe they make me look smarter than i am? If they don't, don't tell me, this is going to go a whole lot smoother if i think i know what i'm doing. Third, i tend to ramble, which is why i suck at twitter and am better at facebook. Fourthly, i often refer to myself as i...lower case, (once again, i'm going with charming.) Maybe someday, i'll be important and become "I". Until then. "i".
  So, with that out of the way, why am i here? Mostly from the urging from some of my friends and family. Alot because when i post on facebook, it ends up being this long winded rant, that usually ends up being the thing most people skip over on facebook. I'm going to give this a go and see what happens. Also, i have this blogger friend, who is sort of giving me inspiration. Thanks J.
 well, thats #1. I hope there is actually enough in my head to keep this going. Guess well find out......together.

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  1. from Paul Erickson.Hope you get this . Long time no see, I enjoy your posts.