Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#2. or, Excuse me but my ineptitude is showing

  I am a farmer. I can strip down and rebuild a diesel engine. I run a GPS system on my equipment, plot an A-B line for "to the inch" precision farming. I can mark a point on that same GPS system to return later to the exact position to pick up a rock from that field. I have cameras mounted on my air drill to minimize driver error and maximize profit margins. I have grain bins with a data cable running in them to keep me informed of what temperature the contents are staying at.......
  Ok, this is the point where you imagine me standing on a grassy hilltop, arms akimbo, cape blowing.....well, um, no cape. maybe Carharts and work boots, sweaty muscled arms.
    In reality, i can't get that "about me" box thingy to work on my blog page. Luckily, i had the forsight to bookmark my new blog page or i doubt i would have ever found it again. If i ever am able to post a photo to my page, i am sure that it will be completely by accident.....
  Ok, this is the point where you imagine me, black shorts, brown shoes, yellow shirt with a zigzag black trim around the bottom, and a bald head.
  What i'm saying is this is going to be a bit of a learning curve for me. I am confident it will all come in time. I just ask you bare with me while i figure it out. You are invited to come along for the journey, ride shotgun, so to speak.......but you can't play with the radio.