Friday, December 30, 2011

#9. or, operation clean sweep

  The plan was devious. Clever as hell, but devious. Bordering on child endangerment.
  In an effort to get the "lets get into shape before holidays plan" back onto the tracks after being completely derailed by the holiday onslaught of chocolates, baking, and gravy, something drastic needed to be done. So, in a series of clandestine meetings over a number of evenings, it was decided that, through a multitude of correspondence in coded invisible ink, we would put Operation Clean Sweep into action. I got to wear a trench coat. Well, .......actually we just talked about this for a couple minutes before we fell asleep one night, but i think the spy thing adds a bit of intrigue? Anyways, the plan was to gather all of the baking and chocolates that we could find (by then, i had already drank the gravy out of a tall glass with a straw.) and stack them all at the end of the cupboard. The children, would not be able to resist this temptation and have it all cleaned up before the day was over. I'm pretty sure, this would have worked even better if we had actually told them that they were not allowed to have any of the stuff, lest they ruin their supper, guess you can't think of everything? There was however, a fatal flaw in this plan. Somehow, i overlooked the fact that i have absolutely zero will power and now am faced with a pile of baking on the end of the cupboard that i feel obliged to dig into every time i wander past. Operation Clean Sweep has in fact become Operation Put as Much Sugar into my Body as Humanly Possible until i Die of Terminal Diabetes....OPMSBHPDTD! (that's a rather convoluted acronym?) To top it off, we're gong swimsuit shopping tonight and there's a plate of left over cabbage rolls in the fridge that keep whispering to me. I need to mix in a salad before it's too late.

...............i hope that i can find a swim suit that makes me look like Mathew Mcconaughey, but that might be asking a bit too much.

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