Monday, December 26, 2011

#5. or, i miss babies.

  hey guys, Merry Christmas. As usual, i had a great day yesterday. Made out quite well i think. Two of my favourite gifts: A particularly stylish scarf, and my brand new Gerber, Bear Grylls edition survival knive. It's like the Red Ryder BB gun of dads gifts! Fire starter flint in the sheath, holes in the handle in case you need to fashion a spear, sharpener on the back, signal whistle on the lanyard, everything you could possibly think of plus survival tips from Bear himself tucked into a tidy little pouch hidden in the sheath. Pretty damned awesome. I had quite the time imagining myself , alone in the woods, survival dependant on only my wits and my trusty Gerber, Bear Grylls edition survival knife.....all the while, looking stylish as hell in my fashionable scarf!
  Anyways, this Christmas turned out to be the season of the babies. Unexpectedly, on the 23rd we decided to have three of our nieces over when their holiday plans fell though. We had a pretty good time, i'm glad it happened. Two of them have kids. Hayden, is a little ball of fire, running about and into everything. It was great. I miss seeing those little guys, anything could be interesting to them plus their little toddler run is priceless. B.G., baby Gaige (just Gaige to his parents) still fits into that nook in your arm.I spent the better part of the afternoon cuddling him to perfection. Seemingly, i have a knack for babies, which you might not expect by looking at me, being the gruff manly man that i am. To top it all off, we also got word via facebook (which i love and secretly hope for a lucrative endorsement deal from Mark Zuckerberk) that my nephew Curt and his new wife Andrea are now expecting as well. Grand news indeed!.
  As the last of my kids leave that wonderful "dependant on you" stage to turn into brooding smelly teenagers (they're all boys, they're smelly!) i kind of find myself missing those little fellows. However, i am more than happy to hand off for the dirty diaper change and fill them with sugar to send them home screaming with their parents. I did my turn at that. But i'm gonna be one awesome Grandpa.......but not just yet.  :)

    ...........i wonder if the guys that make the Gerber, Bear Grylls edition survival knife are the same Gerber that makes the baby food?


  1. I miss my girls as little kids too. So much so I think I getting that empty nest syndrome before they even leave the nest!

    It would totally be awesome if Gerber Baby food also made survival weapons!

    1. It seems completely reasonable to me. :)

  2. You are so sweet. Not a whole lot of men really enjoy babies, so it warms my heart to imagine you cuddling one for an afternoon. Your wife must have melted :) There's just something about seeing a man with a baby that is so stirring to women. I love when I see a guy with one of those front baby carriers with a baby in it!

    1. There was a time when they freaked me out a little bit too. That changed with having our own kids, but especially our middle son. I was the only one that he would drift off for when we tried to rock him to sleep. I learned how to drape him over my arm like one of those waiter's linen things. He's just hang there, arms and legs dangling, sleeping away.

      By the time we finished going through that with him, it was just normal to be holding a baby. I miss it a bit.

      We never had one of those snugglies. But I did go through a fair number of years with a child constantly on my shoulders. :)