Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#7. or, um....just #7 because i couldn't come up with a title

   Yesterday, i was wandering about the house looking for my wife. As i entered the bedroom, my heart rate immediately sped up. There, casually laying on the bed, cover tantalisingly thrown back, was..........
a suitcase, partly loaded! We are officially packing for vacation and that excites me. I did a little salsa dance. Not any salsa dance that someone from Latin America might actually recoginize, but a salsa dance based on about five hours of classes we took a couple years back. (trust me, it was glorious.) Now, it was wise planning on her part to not start any packing until after Christmas. The stress of both Christmas and vacation packing quite possibly would of killed me. I love vacation, especially tropical vacation. I wish i had a white linen suit, with a panama hat, i could pull that off. Except i worry about being mistaken for a Colombian drug lord and getting taken out by machine gun fire.

  Today i put the LED cablights on my truck that i got from my boys for Christmas and i must say they look spectacular, then i took Wyatt, the youngest, to the city to cash in his Wal-Mart gift card for a hockey glove and blocker This surprised me a bit considering he spends most of his time being Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, scoring the hat trick goal to eliminate the Calgary Flames from the playoffs? I guess even budding superstars need to take a turn in the net once in a while?

  ........i apologize for not having an adequate title, i even slept on it hoping some brilliance would seep into my head as i slept......alas, no brilliance..... sorry.

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