Tuesday, December 27, 2011

#6. or, new skates....old feet

  I got skates last Christmas. Not last Sunday, last year, and not actually skates, but a gift certificate for the sole purpose to purchase new skates with. So, i procrastinated, and i think that it was probably mid February before i actually got around to picking some out. Anyways, brand new skates, unused until last week. That's when the grade 6's went to the arena for Christmas skating. My kid said i should come, he's been after me since last Christmas......last year. So i dusted off my brand new, unused skates and off i went, to skate with grade 6's.
  Now, i used to play hockey, fun type hockey, first to 10 wins hockey, then next goal wins hockey. The hockey rural kids play on a frozen pond by the headlights of your dads truck hockey. I wasn't good, but i wasn't talentless. I could skate for hours, a long time ago....when i was young. My kid is like that, loves hockey. We put together a little rink on the dugout. It isn't much, but it might as well be Rexal Place to him.

                                                                                             (blatant visual aid #2)

 He goes as often as he can, i've gone twice since Christmas. I don't remember being so lousy at puck handling, somehow, i've lost the ability to turn to the right, and my feet hurt like hell when i woke up this morning. Hockey might be inherently Canadian but nobody said anything about talent. It's going to take alot of practice but.......i'm a gamer.

      .............i can't wait for the baking to be gone. Terrible planning for a guy with no will power to be on a diet through Christmas.

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