Thursday, December 29, 2011

#8. or, of cows on ice and grey hair

   It is never a good thing when it rains in the middle of winter. Well, not when it is supposed to be -20 degrees Celsius with a couple feet of snow. The roads turn to ice and driving gets ridiculous. It isn't any good for cows either. Hard hooves have no traction on a sheet of ice, and they don't tip-toe so well. Imagine putting pots on your feet before heading out the door yesterday morning. Glad it warmed up a bit in the afternoon to break the ice up some.

  I got a hair cut today. The pile of grey hair on the floor when i was done was rather disturbing. Somehow, i've gone completely past dignified and well on my way to rather old looking. I think i'm going to dye my hair. For some reason, i've been resisting this. Maybe my fear is that when i start down the road to the "dark hair" side, there will be no turning back. Thing is, if i wait too long, i'm going to look goofy as hell being a pretty solid grey one day then youthful brown the next. Also, i think i need to do this while i actually have a hairline. It does however, seem to be holding on better than i expected. I'm only 43, i think i'm in better shape than i was when i was at 33, yet that guy looking back from the mirror looks 53. Most days i feel pretty young, i don't think it would hurt to look the part?

  I'm taking a bit of ribbing cause i want to pack 4 pairs of footwear for vacation, add that to the fact that i've been considering hair dye is making me feel a little less manly today. I may have to go do some welding or crush some empty beer cans to get my man-card back?  (I am sure there are some very feminine beer can crushing women welders out there and i mean no disrespect, but i am sure it will do the trick for me.)

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