Tuesday, February 07, 2012

#33. or, investigation day

  Yesterday, the insurance investigator came out from the city to determine the cause of our barn fire. He was a good fellow. He explained a lot about what he was looking for and why he was going about things the way he did. I'm sure that he took a thousand pictures. Most of the tin that covered the building was still collapsed onto the equipment so he began by clearing that off, then took pictures. Climbed to the top of our grain leg to get an overhead view of the damage and took some more pictures. Dug the breaker box out of the rubble, opened it up, inspected it, and took some pictures. Traced out all of the electric wire, plug and switch boxes and took pictures of those. Went through the wiring of all the vehicles that we had in the barn to see if any of it had shorted out to start the fire and took pictures of it all. Later in the afternoon, we had a coffee, where he decided the he needed a few more pictures of things. He had us draw out a detailed blueprint (which was essentially a picture) of how everything was positioned in the barn before the damage took place to help him better visualise the scene. Asked if there was any available pictures of the barn while it was burning and had me put all of those onto a jump drive so he had those pictures.

  After 6 hours on the scene and a thousand pictures, the cause of the fire, at this point, remains undetermined.

...............i occurs to me it would have been interesting to include a visual of the man doing what he was doing, but alas, i didn't have a picture.

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