Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#43. or, in a tractor

 The internet is a wonderful tool. I can say that cause without the internet i have no blog. I mean, just now, i envisioned the logistical nightmare of trying to do this sort of thing through the mail. Especially since i don't really know who 80% of you who keep coming back here every day even are. I'd probably go broke just trying to keep up on stamps?

  I've spent a lot of time on the internet this month. Mostly looking for tractors and farm equipment. Typing every conceivable combination of words that i could think of for each and every piece of equipment i thought might work as a replacement. Enlarging photos to try to get a clue on condition or if the thing i'm looking at is really a piece of junk. My eyes hurt from looking at the screen and my shoulders are sore from being hunched over the keyboard. If i could type better it might be easier but the truth is, i don't think that my calling was to sit at a desk. OH, i could do a good job of it. I'd have a spiffy business card holder and one those balls on strings, rack thing that swing back and forth when you give one a pull and let it go. (you probably don't know what the hell i'm talking about here, but everybody has one on their desk on TV.) I would have high back leather chair and a foot massager under my desk. But i don't think i'd be happy.

  I went to town yesterday to look at tractors. I looked at tire condition and draw pin wear. We talked at length on the advantages of particular transmissions. I looked down the smooth lines of the sloped hoods and admired the beauty of sharp paint. Started them up and i smiled to myself as the cold diesel engines rattled. Best of all, we did test drives. Sat in the seat and felt the rumble of cold wheels on a frozen road. And i was happy.

  ...............It's my Birthday Today. I'm 44 years old. I like BBQ's, cigars, scotch, and the beach. But i think i might belong in a tractor?


  1. Happy birthday Ken- I know life has thrown some curve balls lately but I sure am glad to hear that at the end of the day - you are happy. That truly is the key.