Monday, February 13, 2012

#36. or, arts & crafts with ken

  I don't know for sure if anyone else can see it or not, but at the top of my page there's a header bar and one of the tab things says "next blog." Almost every day i hit that button a few times just to look at other blogs. I'm looking for something that interests me and catches my eye. I've been trying to find some that are similar to what i'm doing, but they don't seem that easy to find. (that's just my opinion. I don't doubt that what i do here is any different than 2/3 of the blogs out there.) Now, i've said it here before, blogs by women are just about always more pleasant to look at than man blogs. They seem to pay way more attention to detail in the setting up of their pages than guys do. They're nicer to look at.

  OK, here's a test. If you can see it, hit the "next blog" button ten times. Three will be about families, three about religion, one will be something in a different language, and three will be about arts & crafts. (i don't really expect you to do that. It's just a broad generalization that iv'e made about the blog world. In fact, when i just did it to check those numbers, it didn't work at all. But it's somewhere in the ballpark.)

  Something that you see a lot of is crafty sort of blogs. Blogs about the things people make. And that's fine. A lot of them are really, very interesting to look around. Anyways, the other day i was going through my pictures and i found this. 

  Ever wonder how many cans of spray foam fit into a 5 gallon pail?  Not 2! My wife was making a Christmas themed piece to put by the front door. The pail fits into a wishing well shaped container. Originally, it had dirt and a plant in it, but we were recycling. (cause we're so environmental) She needed something in the pail she could put spruce bows and Christmasy things into and have them stay put. The spray foam was my brilliant idea. So, if you ever need to put spray foam into a pail to make a centrepiece thing, one can will be sufficient. Actually, you should know that two cans do fit quite nicely when you first spray it in, the mess in the pail you see is what you wake up to the next morning.

  .....................Something else just occurred to me, if i took empty canola bags, opened the ends, duct taped them together and filled them with spray foam, maybe i could make a pontoon boat? It might have to wait until summer though, i'm not allowed to use spray foam in the house anymore.


  1. When I first started blogging a few months ago I did that same thing, hitting "next" trying to discover blogs. I felt the same way. WTF is with all the craft blogs, god blogs, and look-at-my-kids blogs!! Holy guacamole.

    Once you find a few blogs you like just look through their blogrolls. What kinds of blogs are you looking for? Male blogs? Farm/husband/father/funny blogs? Or just things from your perspective?

    1. Actually, i like your blog quite a bit. I came accross it by accident. (my good fortune)I've been going through your reading list and i find that there's a lot of them in there that i like as well. Male or female, it doesn't really matter. I like humor, but also when those same people show a real side as well. I am by no means a writer and would love to be able to do something like you guys do. I'm still a little hesitant to make comments, but i'm working on that as well. When i started this, it hadn't really occured to me that there would be this whole community involved with it. I'm happy to be a small part of it. :) I also scratched your cat, i hope thats OK? :)