Monday, February 20, 2012

#41. or, community spirit

 If you live in Alberta, today is a holiday. It's Family Day. People stay home from school and don't have to go to work and things like that. Well, most people. Some go to work today in exchange for a holiday in August. That's a fair trade i guess? It's always nice to have an extra day off in the summer too. Regardless, today is Family Day.

 Last night, our local little community hall hosted its annual Family Day skating/pot luck supper event. It's a nice thing. They have a natural ice, outdoor rink where the community kids can go to play fun hockey. If it snows, whoever shows up usually helps to shovel it off. I think it helps them build a little community spirit.

  As a result of the fire we had earlier in the month, the community Ag. Society took it upon themselves to incorporate a benefit into the pot luck supper event to raise a little bit of funds to help us out with getting back up onto our feet. Honestly, i had not expected this at all, and i was shocked at the turnout of people who came to support us. It's quite humbling to know the number of people who have your back when you run across some hard times. Even though the event was Family Day, the community showed up for us. In a way, it's fitting. A community is a family and i am a little more proud today to call this community my family. The envelope they gave us at the event was pretty fat with cards and donations. Truthfully, i have yet to look in it. Right now, to me, that isn't really the important thing. It's that so many people offered to put stuff into that envelope, and i still haven't quite gotten over that.

  So, the night was grand, i ate far too much, and visited with friends, and laughed into the night. Until in fact, ours was the last table to get cleaned up and put away because we were having such a good time. It was a good night.

  ..........also, i just want to apologize for my incredibly inadequate speech. you deserved a lot more. Hopefully i can make it up to you some day.



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