Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#37. or, happy Valentine's Day?

   You know that guy on the commercial? The one walking along the beach early in the morning? He's wearing pajama pants and a zip up hoodie, but it's unzipped and he's bare chested and pretty buff. He has bare feet. Running along side of him is his dog. It's a  yellow Labrador Retriever and the the guy is carrying a random piece of driftwood that he tosses into the ocean every time the dog brings it back to him so he can do it again. Then, something catches his attention and he looks toward his cozy beach house. His wife is standing on the deck, wearing one of his button shirts and you know that that's the only thing she has on. She waves, slightly raises a cup of coffee, and he waves back. The guy, and his dog, jog up to the deck, climb the three steps to where his wife is waiting for him with a second steaming cup of coffee and they embrace just as the sun breaks free from the morning horizon........

  I could so be that guy. Living on the beach with my wife.

  It's Valentine's Day today. This morning i have to feed cattle with a borrowed tractor and feed wagon. A fellow is coming this morning to slaughter a beef so i don't even know if i am going to be able to get to town to have Valentine's lunch with my wife today. I'll probably spend part of the afternoon on the internet looking for replacement tractors and some of it sifting through charcoal remains, making an inventory of barn contents.

  I'd rather be on the beach with my wife.

  To be fair, my Birthday is coming up and we've decided that we'll combine the two and go to the city for a nice supper to celebrate both occasions in one sometime next week. I think that's because we're getting old and more practical, or it's just easier?  Ether way, somewhere along the way i think i've dropped the ball. Sorry baby.

  ....................One more thing, beach guy is in the commercial because he's on heart pills or suffering from erectile dysfunction. Plus he's probably going to die from one of a list of side effects as long as your arm from his medication. So he has his problems too, they just seem easier to deal with on the beach?


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