Wednesday, February 08, 2012

#34. or, a little bit of blaaaa

  So, this morning marks one week since our barn burnt. I find that a little hard to fathom. It seems that it must only be a day or two at most since this all started. That's probably because the first few days all ran together and i didn't really get too much sleep. That's catching up to me a bit now. I think that i'm getting a little run down.

  The things that happened, seem to have taken me, and this blog, in a direction that i hadn't really intended it to go. I apologize for that. This was intended to be a little fun, a lot of fun actually, and it is. It's just been a little harder for me to sit down the last few days and let the weird shit fall out of my head. I miss that. I'm trying to get it back.

  Had a couple beers in town with some friends yesterday. That was a good thing, it was nice to get off the yard for a while. Except the drive home, cause i had to pee like crazy and there was just a little too much traffic to stop and expose myself. (plus it was cold out and anyone driving by wouldn't have gotten to see the real me.) Looking forward to spending the day with some friends this weekend. We're going to do some fishing and drink some caesars, or beer, or rums, ....maybe vodka? (maybe some of each? Maybe smoke a cigar too?)

  ........................Oddly enough, today also marks one month since our tropical holiday started. A month ago today we were sitting on a plane headed for Mexico. Only 23 months until we can go again. I'm going to start X'ing off the days on the calender.

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  1. Have fun this gentle with yourself, as much as people can say "oh thank God no one was hurt" you were, you lost a big peice of yourselves and a bigger chunk of your peace of mind...give yourselves time to heal, and remember you have lots of friends who think of you everyday and hope you're alright...need anything just call...T