Friday, February 03, 2012

#31. or, errant hair

  As the last couple of days here have been just a little gloomy, i'm going to post what i had originally intended to post Wednesday morning. I'll try to keep you informed as things progress in our ordeal, but truthfully, right now we're pretty much waiting to see what happens before we can do anything. Still not officially allowed to even enter the site yet.

  Quick note: going to the auction to watch our calves sell today, hope they do well.

 so, without further ado.........

  I had this crazy hair that decided to grow out of the middle of my forehead about a half inch below my hair line. I didn't even notice it there until it was the same length as all my other hair. Now, i know that genetically speaking, the odds are against me in this department. I come from a long line of folicly challenged men, and being so, ball caps are a staple in our family. The thing about this solitary hair is that i was unsure of it's origin.

  I realize, the possibility exists this hair was the last remnant of my former hairline that went into full retreat sometime during the night while i was sleeping. I checked my pillow for excess hair but there was none. Possibly it went down the shower drain? I can't be sure. You would think that you should notice a full half inch of hair loss overnight? OR, that solitary hair may be new growth in the infertile land that my forehead has become over the last few years. It's possible? Sort of like the dandelion weed growing up through the crack in the sidewalk of busy urban intersection.

  Either way, it looked conspicuously out of place. If it was new growth, it seemed such a shame to simply shave it away considering the promise that single solitary hair held. On the other hand, if it was indeed the last vestige of my former hairline, left there to taunt me as all the rest of my hair decided to take up residence in my comb, it couldn't stay.

  Sometimes the decisions that i have to face, day to day, can be draining. the end, i shaved it off. It looked ridiculous and i have enough trouble with that as it is. But i am considering marking my hairline with a sharpie just for future reference.

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