Friday, March 02, 2012

#49. or, sprayer envy

Yesterday, i took a little trip. A little trip to look at a little sprayer.

I jumped into my big one ton dually truck, drove to the other town that i live near.(the one that i live closer to has a statue of an 8 foot high Blue Heron. I'm only telling you this because it's pertinent to the story.) Got into a different tractor salesman's truck, and off we went. The drive was going to be about two hours and the route we took went through some little towns that i had never been through before.

Along the way, we went through one town that had a statue of a giant 1200 lb concrete pumpkin. Then, another town that has a statue of giant Mallard Duck with a 23 foot wingspan. We also drove past a 6 ton kubassa monument in different town. I was reading that it cost $120 000 to erect the giant sausage. Eventually we got where we were going. That town has a statue of a giant elk and 31 foot high Easter Egg.

We seem to have an obsession with size in Alberta. There's a web page dedicated to it that i got some of the details on the statues from. It's called, Big Things in Alberta. By my count, there's 67 different statues of big things in Alberta on that page, Plus there's links to big things in provinces all across Canada.

I can't help but imagine that when the members from the town councils of these places all get together, they spend a good deal of their time arguing about, "mine is bigger than yours".

This is a pretty small blog. Most days, if i get 30-40 people come to look at it, i'm happy. I spend some of my time checking out other blogs, bigger blogs. Some of them are really impressive. It seems though, that you really have to have a lot of talent to wield a big blog. Sometimes, one that looks impressive, might not be creative enough to keep me interested all the way to the end. Other's though, do such a good job, that you have to come back again the next day for a little bit more. Some are so big and impressive that the writer can make a living off of their blog alone.

This is a pretty small blog. It might be average size. I'm OK with that. I try to be consistent so there's always something new to see when you come back here, day to day. I know that most of the time, what i'm putting out there is pretty average stuff, but i try to do it in a way to keep being interesting. I know this isn't a big blog, but i'd like to think that maybe, once in a while, i make your toes curl. I'd be happy with that.

................after i took that little sprayer for a test drive yesterday, i had to back it into it's spot beside a much larger sprayer. The fellow that was looking at the giant sprayer (i think he probably owned it.) guided me while i backed up. I have to say, his was pretty impressive. I was a little envious.

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