Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#59. or, my wife's shampoo

  So, i've been using my wife's shampoo, my hair smells like apples, or some other fruity delight.

  Our youngest boy just turned 12, and that being the case, he also has begun to smell bad. We knew this was going to happen. It's happened to us before. Twice. Our two other sons live in the basement, and truthfully, sometimes i dread going down there. On occasion, i've poked my head into their rooms, and more often than not the smell is enough to make me gag. We are pretty much resigned to the fact that that portion of the house has been lost until after they move out. ( at least i'm hoping they will move out someday.) At that point, i think the plan is to hire a crime scene clean up crew to come in and attempt to restore it to an actual livable enviroment.

  Our youngest son lives upstairs, and we have to walk past his room on a daily basis. It's because of this fact, that we have taken pro-active steps to at least keep this problem at a minimum. I try to open his door every day to keep it aired out. We fight what often seems like a losing battle to keep it tidy, but these are things that are only the tip of the ice berg. The main cause of the foul smell just seems to be that of small boy becoming teenager.  It occurs to me that the reason boys start to smell so bad when they become teenagers is so we can find them then they turn 13 and disappear into their rooms and stop talking to us for the next few years.

  This also happens to be the age where he is becoming more aware of how he looks before he leaves the house. I've been noticing that he's making more of an effort in this regard. Aside of course, from his gangster looking Monster energy drink hat with the flat brim, that i don't see working at all for the kid whose "hood" is down on the farm. I think he's sending a sort of mixed message there. Anyways, he's been after my wife to help him do his hair before he leaves for school. She had a little trouble with it early on and asked him what he was using to wash his hair with, she said it was like trying to style a wire brush. She suggested that he try use her shampoo for a few days, and after that, i noticed that she was saying how much nicer his hair was to work with. Apparently, he had been using my shampoo.

  Now, i've never tried to pass myself off as the smartest tool in the shed, but it did occur to me that if my shampoo is making my sons hair feel like a wire brush, it would only stand to reason that it is also making my hair feel like a wire brush. The next logical step for a middle aged, fellow who wants to do everything in his power to be irresistible, (and have hair that his wife couldn't wait to run her fingers through) would be for me to start using her shampoo as well.

    ..............I've been been pacing myself a bit and so far haven't seen any noticeable change. Later this week i plan to start using her conditioner as well. I hope i become sexy and awesome before she runs out of hair care products or she's going to be pissed.



  1. Ha! I love the part about the teenage stink being a way to find them :)

    My partner loves the smell of my expensive shampoo so he uses it too. But not for me. He does it because he enjoys the way he smells. I think it's a little fruity for a man but whatever makes him feel good about himself works for me. What's sexy about a man is physical strength, work ethic, confidence, compassion,loyalty, and smile anyway so as long as he has those things he can smell like a tractor. :) which is good because that's usually what he smells like and now it's apple flavored tractor

  2. It seems that i may have the apple smelling tractor thing down, if i could only get all those others in line, i'd be doing fine. Of all those other attributes, i struggle most with confidence and work ethic. Maybe i need to join a 10 week challenge to work on those? I could stand to lose a few pounds as well. :)