Monday, March 26, 2012

#62. or, reset, start again

  I weighed myself this morning. I gained three pounds. This morning i weigh 190 pounds. I'm not very happy with myself. I need to curb this disturbing trend.

  When the winter started i had a goal. I was going to look awesome on the beach in Mexico. I think that i got close. Granted, i don't really have a lot to work with here, but all in all, i can't say that i wasn't unhappy with how i looked.

  Winter is slow for me. It affords me the time to go the the local walking track at the Agrena. I was getting up early to stretch and do squats and push-ups and all sorts of nasty things. While i didn't seem to be losing the weight that i wanted to at the time, at least i was doing something. I felt better.

  I think that the things that happened to me over the last couple months have left me a little wrung out. Stressed maybe, but i've been trying to fight that off. I think i need to do something to shift gears in my head. Too many times, i plunk myself into the couch in the evening and stuff chocolate covered pretzels into my face. It's too easy to have a beer. It's too easy to do nothing. If you ask me the next morning what i watched last night, i most likely wouldn't be able to tell you. It's mindless drivel, that does nothing to take my mind away from what happens during the day. I need to stop this.

  So, today, i will attempt to reset and start again.

  Today, i will stop having that beer in the evening and drink a cup of mojito tea instead.

  Today, if there is nothing on TV, i will get off my ass and do something that actually raises my heartbeat.

  Today, i will try to stop eating anything after supper.

  Today, i try to stop pissing around on my phone in the evening, and try to read a book instead.

  Today, i will grab my wife and try to spend  some time in the hot tub whenever possible. Also, the hot tub will be a place for talking about things other than what pissed us off and rather, good things we want to do.

  That's what i have for now. My goal will be to look stunningly awesome in my suit when my son graduates this summer. Goal number two will be  to look acceptable without a shirt at the beach when we go camping this summer.

  ............i think i will also get a haircut this week. I always feel better after i get a haircut.

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