Friday, March 23, 2012

#61. or, tiny beers

  Sometimes i like to have a drink in the evening. The last little while i have been looking at those drinks that require a little of assembly. Occasionally, i wish that i had one of those stainless steel shaker thingys. I'm pretty sure that if i had one of those, i would be a way better concocter of magical beverages. And a muddler. I need to get a muddler. It's only been recently that i have even come to know that a muddler existed. You use a muddler to bruise the mint leaves when you make mojitos. It releases the flavour. Basically, it's a stick with a knob on the end. A mortar and pessel will also do this job, but i've been using the back of a wooden spoon. I worry though, that might be coming off as a little red neck.

  As much as i want to learn how to put some of these fancy drinks together, the difficulty in it arises if you are making these drinks and testing them yourself. After a few, you're going to lose a little perspective. (That's how you end up doing Vodka and Jager shots straight out of the bottle, but i'm not talking about that today.)

  Anyways, i've been practising on trying to make a good mojito. I had some really good ones in Mexico, but i can't seem to recreate that. I'm a little worried that mojitos might be location sensitive. I think that they might taste way better if you have one on the beach if flip flops as opposed to say, looking out the window at a foot of snow. Come summer i intend to test this theory.

  Now, we also happen to be trying to do things a little healthier in this house and that is not exactly the the best time to be making a drink that asks you to add a spoon full of sugar to it. That other day i did try a cup of mojito flavoured tea in the evening. It wasn't the same.

 As much as i've been enjoying trying to play bar tender, sometimes i also just like to have a beer. I like beer. Beer is a wonderful beverage. Sometimes, though, if you're not really doing an activity, or just finished a game of hockey, a whole beer can be too much. Yesterday, at the liquor store, if found tiny beers. I had them in Mexico a couple years ago, i didn't even know they were available here.

same great taste, 2/3 the quantity

   Tiny beers are perfect. It completely redefines the whole thing. You can have a half a beer, or you can mix and match tiny beers with regular sized beers and have a beer and a half. If you wanted, you could drink a half dozen tiny beers and tell your buddy's the next day how you finished off a 6 pack during CSI. But if you're drinking that much beer by yourself, you probably have other problems. Last night, one tiny beer was exactly what i needed. I was so glad i came across them that i bought two cases.

  ............the only negative thing that i can think of regarding tiny beers is that if you're going to stroll into a guy party with a pack of tiny beers, you are probably going to be ridiculed, and your manlyness will be in question. I think they might be a little feminine, i'm only drinking them at home.




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