Tuesday, March 06, 2012

#51. or, no good pictures

  Google doesn't like my face.

  Every time i add a picture of myself to my blogger profile, it seems to stay there for a couple days then disappear. It also happened on my blog page. Yesterday it was gone, and i had to reload it.

  There seems to be a very limited number of profile worthy pictures of my head in our computer picture album, and the ones that i do think might work, are all too large of a file size to make google happy. I'm having trouble finding a picture that will work. In truth, i only have a handful of pictures that i am happy with. The ones that i like the best are all of me on holidays. I had one of those up here for a bit. It didn't really feel like it belonged here. It's not ken-inatractor-inapoolinMexico.

  The other day, in an effort to take a picture of myself in an actual tractor type setting, i attempted to use the camera on my phone while i was doing the chores. Keep in mind, i was moving bales across the yard when i did this. I could stand to brush up on my multi-tasking, photography skills.

this is a little more casual than i was going for.
      I don't think that i'm very photogenic at the best of times. The picture that i want to have here is one of my looking casual as all hell, yet cool and stylish in my farmy attire. Just me being awesome. That picture doesn't exist. At least i don't think it exists. Not in a file size that google likes anyways.

  ......................also, i was looking on my google analytics page, and in the section where it says what country some of the people that check this site out are from, one of the views was listed as unavailable. Are you kidding me? Google has maps of the entire Earth! I think google is just trying to screw with me.

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