Monday, March 19, 2012

#58. or, i could use a little sleep

  I'm not feeling all that chipper this morning. I think that i may be coming down with something. Last night i went to bed with a headache hoping that it would be gone when i woke up, but it wasn't. In fact, i was awake at 4:00 AM, trying to convince myself that i needed to go back to sleep.

  I hate it when i wake up early when i desperately need sleep. I seem to have this small window of oportunity before the gears in my brain begin to turn, because once that happens, any chance of falling back to sleep is lost. It didn't help that last night, the littlest of our dogs decided that she needed to be up at 4 as well, barking her fool head off.

  I'm laying there, awake, but still on the edge of being able to fall back to sleep, when all of the sudden, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK. Now, there's a 99.9% chance of there being nothing out there other than a rabbit, or deer lingering in the bush, but there's also a .1% chance that something sinister is happening outside. So, i have to get up to take a look. Nothing there, except the little dog, proud as punch of herself for driving off some foul beast and saving our home from emminent destruction. It's odd that all of the warning that she does has to take place from right below our window.

  Anyways, after that, all hope of going back to sleep was lost, My head was up to 3/4 speed going over things that needed to be done in the day and week to come. At 7:00 AM i'm already yawning, it's going to be a long day. I might need to try to take a nap.

   ..............I'm not really sure how intimidating a middle-aged, half asleep, naked man peering out the window is, if in fact there did happen to be a burgler lurking around the house? I imagine that it's probably a lot less intimidating than it would be if it was a middle-aged, half asleep, naked man peering into the window?

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