Friday, March 09, 2012

#53. or, high schooll basketball

  This weekend could possible mark the end of my 6 year run of being involved in High School Basketball. When i say involved, i don't mean that i ever really did anything more than attend games to cheer on the kids.

  When my oldest son started this, i honestly had no clue about basketball other than the ball goes through the hoop...score. I wish that i could tell you that now i was an expert, i'm not. Sometimes i still have no idea what the hell some particular call was for.

  Occasionally, i have been called on to take game stats. OK, one time. I suck at that. I tend to get too involved in the game and end up forgetting to mark down pertinent information. That's probably why they only asked me one time.

  Over the last few years, i started driving the bus for the team road trips. I especially liked driving for the senior boys. They travel in the sweet white bus with the bucket seats. Last year, the school added swag to the sides of the bus in the form of the school name, team name, and logos. It's pretty awesome. I like driving that bus. In a way, it made me feel like a small part of the team.

   Our middle boy graduates this year but i still have one kid on his way into Jr. High next year. He says he plans to follow his brothers footsteps and try out for the basketball team next year as well. I hope he does. The Junior teams hardly travel though, so i know it will be some time before i'm any more than just a crazy parent again. Still, i hope that i can try to be involved in some way. If i knew more about the game, i might even consider coaching, but i don't think i would do the boys justice.

  Today and tomorrow, we travel to zones. I think the boys legitimately stand a chance. They can play at the same level as any team in the zone. Sometimes, the teams near the city underestimate them because we're just a rural school. That's their edge, anything can happen when it's down to one game, win or lose. the event that they win zones, we head of to Camrose for Provincials next weekend. I really hope they get to go. We went one time before with our oldest son. It's quite the show, but i'm not putting those eggs into the basket just yet. I know it's cliche, but it's just one game at a time.


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