Monday, January 02, 2012

#11. or, Daniel Fricken Craig

 Last 2 weeks aside, i have been making a concerted effort to get myself into some sort of reasonable shape. (other than round, of course.) I've been trying to eat better. I've been trying to do some exercises as often as i can in the morning, along with some stretches, despite the fact that my shoulder usually hurts like hell. I try to get to the track at least 3 times a week and do my best to push myself for at least an hour. Usually, ending up with a sore hip or knees. I generally feel better, my cardio has improved, i can spend more time actually running than i did when i started this. I am confident that i am healthier than i was, say, 2 months ago. Am i closer to the weight that i had chosen as a target to be at by this 175 pounds. That's where i wanted to be. I am somewhere between 181 and 185. Each week i weigh, each week i am somewhere between 181 and 185, consistently. Sometimes i let myself get a little discouraged by this, but still, i trudge on.
Now, i'm 43. i'm never going to be that stunning movie star looking fellow. I don't think i'm too bad, just pretty darned average. I'm comfortable with that. I think i've held up pretty well, but recently, my hopes have risen a bit. The other day i found this.

  Daniel Fricken Craig! Daniel Fricken Craig is awesome.He just happens to also be 43. Daniel Fricken Craig has no problem whatsoever going on the cover of a magazine with messed up hair, stubbly unshaved beard, and in an awesome scarf. And look....Daniel Fricken Craig even has a light dusting of snow on his shoulders??  Now it might be coincidence that often, i can be found with messed up hair, stubbly unshaved beard, bitchen stylish scarf,(which i also now have thanks to a Christmas gift) and a light dusting of snow on my shoulders. It might be coincidence, i call it fate. The best part of average looking Daniel Fricken Craig is that he is also......James Fricken Bond! I mean, HOLY SMOKES! I spend the majority of my time looking like he looks on the cover of this magazine. And did you happen to see Daniel Fricken Craig in Cowboys and Aliens? Nobody pulls off dirty faced brooding sexy guy like Daniel Fricken Craig!
  So thank you, Daniel Fricken Craig, because of you, i will continue to strive to get into the 170 pound range, work out and be a better me Who knows, somewhere in here, there might be a James Fricken Bond lurking?
  .........i hope i don't get my ass sued off for using this picture without the expressed written consent of the copyright holder. I did pay $7 for it so i hope i'm in the clear?

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