Thursday, January 05, 2012

#14. or, only 1 1/2 sleeps

  I've tried to keep this rather low key. More for my own benefit than yours. Mostly to keep myself from getting way too excited and getting myself all worked up about it. Early Sunday morning we get on a plane and go to Mexico for vacation.

  This morning, after chores, some neighbours stopped over for coffee, as is usually the case. We got to talking about travelling and vacations and during the course of the talk, i knew i was not going to be able to hold it back any longer. It started off rather slowly, then began to bubble to the surface until, by the time they left, i'm pretty sure they thought i had turned into a blithering idiot, rambling on about how much i enjoy winter vacation. So there you have it, 1 1/2 sleeps, more or less. I don't expect much sleep Saturday night. We have to be at the airport at around 3:00 AM Sunday morning, so it's going to be a long day, but i'm sure i will love every second of it. There is still plenty of packing left to do, although we do seem to have a multitude of random lists about with things we need to get done. I am sure it will all come together....tomorrow.

  While the 2 older boys are pretty much self sufficient, we are so lucky to have my Mom available and willing to look after Wyatt while we are gone. Thanks to her for that. I am sure she will be entirely sick of watching the sports channels by the time we get back.

...........oh, i must say thanks also to Sublime Swimwear in St. Albert for having a swimsuit for my wife that i actually think she is going to be happy to wear. In 20 some years, i can't say that i've seen a bad one yet but this one is particularly awesome.

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