Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#28. or, to tattoo or not to tattoo

   So, when i got out of the shower yesterday it was gone, well, for the most part anyways. My fake Mexican tribal turtle tattoo is pretty much gone. I can still tell what it is because i know what it was. There's still a shadow of it there, but when i imagined that i was actually someone else looking at it, the shape has been reduced to something unrecognisable. That bothers me a little bit.

   I call it my fake Mexican tribal turtle tattoo because i got it in Mexico, not because it was a symbol of some turtle worshipping Mexican tribe. Either way, it had made quite a comfortable home right there on my left boob. I'm going to miss it. To the point, i think, that i am considering replacing it with a permanent version.

   I'm comfortable with the turtle symbol, it holds a little meaning to me. I don't have any other piercings or artwork defacing this impeccable canvas that i wear. Truthfully, my canvas is anything but impeccable and that might be why i have never done anything like that before. I always worried that anything i get as a tattoo would slide and stretch into something that bore no resemblance to what it originally was as my body ages.  For the most part, i have no problem with tattoos. Discreet ones. The ones you can hide when you really want to dress up. When i say that, i am talking about myself. There are some quite interesting tattoos out there that people have and i can appreciate the artistic ability taken to create some of them. It's just not my thing. But this little turtle tattoo, i could do that.

  Getting a tattoo has crossed my mind in the past but i never really knew what i would get. I often thought that i would get something that would symbolise my family but i haven't been able to think of anything that says what i want it to say and still be a manageable size. Sometimes, some of the ones that you see out there hold complex stories to the owner but end up just looking like a mass if ink because it's too complicated. The ones i like are immediately distinguishable as something interesting plus have interesting twists for the owner.

  I'm about 90% sure i'm going to do this. All that's left to decide is the actual design, the color i want, the exact position, the size, and if the turtle is what i want on me for the rest of forever?

  ...............i wonder if there's such a thing as a tribal German/Dutch heritage turtle tattoo? I wouldn't be surprised if i came from a long line of stable sweepers or something equally mundane. Maybe i should go with the crossed shovel and pitch fork? Maybe i should do some more research?


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