Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#24. or, new facebook is coming

  So, new facebook is coming. Apparently, within 7 days or so, everyone is going to have their facebook updated to the new system, It looks nothing at all like the old one. I fully expect there to be an outcry from the masses that they hate the new facebook and want the old familiar page back. My mind is open.

 Let me tell you about twitter. I have a twitter account. My profile is basically the same as the title of my Blog page, @ken_inatractor. When i got it, about 2 1/2 years ago it was something else. It was terrible so i changed it to what it is now. I wanted the hyphen but twitter doesn't like hyphens so i have to use the lazy hyphen thing that lays on the ground. Plus, people seem to like to run a lot of their words together on twitter. Real estate is valuable, you have to say what you want in 140 characters or less. I follow 139 people. Some of those are not people though, some are businesses. 46 have decided that they want to follow me and of those 46, some of those i don't follow. My first tweet was sometime last September. I think i have just short of 200 tweets in that time but i don't think anyone is listening to me there. I really only talk to one person on twitter that actually talks back and all of those conversations cover about 30 tweets. I kind of dislike twitter.

  Twitter is like going to the mall on the Saturday before Christmas, or like high school. Its full of people bumping into each other and unless you are the cool or popular one you sort of disappear into the masses. I don't do well on twitter, i'm too long winded. I am constantly editing down to fit the character constraint and it's unforgiving. You can't delete a tweet, as far as i know, so you need to send a 2nd one apologizing for your ineptitude. Mostly, i use it for the news, sports, and weather.

  I like facebook. This blog would not be here if it was not for facebook. All of the friends that i have on facebook are friends because when i asked they accepted or vice versa. The community is tighter. Its like talking to friends over coffee, or across the campfire at the lake. I have made new friends and reconnected with old ones. To me facebook is easy. Sometimes that little thumbs up like button is all it takes to know people are listening to you.

 Of the people that come here to look at my blog, 95% of them get here via facebook. A hand full are google searches. How many from twitter?  2.

  They say that the best coffee in the world comes from Brazil or Peru or someplace equally tropical. There is this cat there that wanders about the jungle and has a taste for coffee beans. It eats the coffee beans and they travel through its digestional tract where they get infused with inside of cat stuff. Then, after the cat poops them out, someone sifts through the mess, cleans off the undigested beans (i hope) and BOOM......the best coffee in the world! What ever possesed someone to look at a pile of cat droppings, discover it was coated in coffee bean sprinkles and decide that those were the beans they wanted to make their coffee from? Wouldn't have occured to me? facebook is coming, i'm going to give it a chance. Sometimes you need to dig through the shit to find the gold.

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