Thursday, January 26, 2012

#25. or,what i've learned

  Let me tell you everything that i know about, I don't really know anything about blogging.

  I know why i'm here doing this. I like doing it, i like being able to create something interesting. Mostly, i'm doing this for myself then? I guess an extent. I really like it when something interesting falls out of my head and it becomes entertaining to people. That feeling, as it turns out, is almost the same as the actual act of creating something. It feels good. Still though, what do i know about blogging? The truth is......nothing, well, a little..... now. More than, say 25 posts ago, and that i guess is the point.

  I'm right around the corner from being 44 years old and i'm still learning to do new things, things that interest me, and i like to do. I think that's important. Try new things. Write a blog, learn to drive a bus, something, just don't stop learning new things.

 So, what do i know about blogging then? A little bit. I'm still learning. I've been trying to do some research to find what other people do to make their blogs interesting. Turns out, the majority of the blogs that i've seen are written by women, well the ones that seem to be the most interesting. Guys seem to blog about politics and the curvature of the Earth and other smart things. The few "man-blogs" that i do like are by actual paid comedians so entertaining as they are, i'm not going to be able to compete with those.

  I have an idea or two that i want to add to mine to make it better. Really, it's more aesthetically pleasing than i had expected it was ever going to be when i started this. (well, to me anyways. Women like lacy borders, bright colors, and flowery accents) I hope the content is OK. Sometimes i wish it was more humorous, but it seems at times to just reflect how i feel when i sit down to type. If you can call hunting and pecking typing? I'm still learning that.'s quite possible that i'm having a mid-life crisis and can't afford a convertible to drive around in with my shirt half open, showing off my gold chains around my neck. Writing a free blog is way more affordable than that, but if that's how you want to imagine me while you read these, i'm fine with that.

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