Tuesday, January 03, 2012

#12. or, the right underwear for the job.

  So, am i disappointed to have to be watching Canada play for third or fourth at the World Juniors, ya, it stings. Those young Russians played a hell of a game. Congratulations to them. Thanks to the Canadian boys for a flurry of goals at the end of the game to make it respectable. I am confident, if we had another couple minutes, we would have seen overtime. Very exciting finish. i was on the edge of my seat.

  Went to the track today, made a bad choice of underwear. I have some pretty good ones that serve me quite well. Some of these are packed for vacation, some are in the wash. I had to go with my back-up goalie of ginch today. Unfortunately, the leg holes are a little loose and i ended up running with a wedgie most of the day. Add to that, the fact that the walking track was full of people, still trying to fulfil their New Years resolutions to get into shape, i had no opportunity to discretely remedy the situation. If you're going to run, wear good ginch.

  I was glad to hear from my son this evening. Off on the first major road trip of his life with his crew, skiing in Jasper. The rain has once again made the roads virtually undrivable. I guess we've all been there. Sometimes i worry a bit.

  ........i am happy for Febreeze, making the bag that i take the stuff that i wear to the track smell better since.....well, tonight. Wish i had thought of that earlier

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