Wednesday, January 04, 2012

#13. or, i might have a competitive streak

  Just to qualify this, i wrote it yesterday in the evening and am posting it this morning. I did, in no way get up before 7:00 AM, drive a half hour to town and run on the track already today. I'll try to remember that when i empty my head next time.

  Damn you, green sweatshirt, 20 something athletic guy with legs 6 inches longer than mine at the track today. I was perfectly happy, doing my thing, had my own comfortable little pace going on. Then you show up, right away with the running. I mean really fast. Lapping me 3 times in the half hour that you were there. You didn't know that i had already been there 20 minutes. I had already finished my running part for a bit. I was doing the fast walking part for a while, just until the pain in my side stopped, and i could feel my legs below my knees again. What was i to do? I couldn't let this guy half my age own the track, my track, So i ran. OK, right now, i've just got the vision in my head of a stadium full of college students yelling in unison "RUN FOREST!" Don't think that! it does nothing for this story. Um.......pain in side, no feeling in legs.....oh ya, so i ran. Still, he lapped me three times in half an hour, but when he stopped to stretch, i kept running, past him three times, and then ...thank god, he just left. I'm pretty sure he had to leave, he had no choice, i owned him. Well, in my head that's what happened. I'm glad he left, i had to stop to die. Now i need a handful of Advils, and to put my feet up to try get the swelling to go down.

......i have a dilemma, i just realised my hat, my favourite hat, the one that i look way awesome in, comes from the East side of Mexico. Is it bad form to wear an obvious souvenir had from last vacation on new vacation to the West side of Mexico?

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