Monday, January 30, 2012

#27. or, my radio friends

  Sometimes, while i'm in the tractor i like to listen to the radio. OK, i always listen to the radio. For the past while, i seem to spend quite a bit of my time listening to 102.3 NOW Radio. They play a lot of the newer stuff, but quite often you get surprised by a song that they play that falls outside of their format. One of the cool things that they do over there is take texts from the listeners. Quite often, if what you say is pertinent to the conversation at hand they will read your text out to the listening world and that is kind of neat. It sometimes feels good to be part of the conversation.

 I have texted in to all of the on air hosts at one time or another, and have had them read what i've had to say on the air. The hosts of the weekend morning show used to be Chris And Joelle. I really liked the weekend morning show because it seemed so casual to me. Besides co-hosting the show Joelle usually fields the texts and sometimes we end up having our own little conversation outside what's going on, on the air. She has her own blog, called j is for joelle (that's a link, hope it works) which is one of the blogs that i try to read and it has also been a bit of an inspiration for me on getting my own blog going.

 Yesterday morning, Sunday, i texted something in, i really don't even remember the conversation, but they started to talk about my blog. I was, for lack of a better term, shocked. These two radio hosts took some of their time to mention what i'm doing here and i was grateful for that. If you write a blog, one of the things that you like, well for me anyways, is to have what you create find more of an audience. I'm doing what i can to spread the word about what i'm doing here and to have these guys give my little blog a bit of a plug on the radio is wonderful. Saying "Thank You" just doesn't seem sufficient.

 On a sad note, Sunday was also Chris's last weekend show, as he is leaving the station to be closer to his family. I'm going to miss him. I think Chris and Joelle worked well together and whoever replaces him is going to have some big shoes to fill.

  ..........oh, when Joelle was saying who i was, she described me as a humble guy riding around in a tractor spreading my wisdom like Yoda. Truthfully, i think i resemble Yoda more in appearance than wisdom, but i'm not going to argue with the lady.

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